Aqua Pad
We all know how quickly hanging baskets and planters will dry out in the heat of Summer. We have the answer to your problem. It is called Aqua Pad.

Aqua Pad is a thin, non-woven super-absorbant product that will hold 16 oz. of water from which the roots of your plants will feed. Aqua Pad reduces your need to water the plants approximately 85%, so you can be gone for a week or more and still know your plants are being watered.

To use Aqua Pad, place some soil in the bottom of your container. Then place Aqua Pad approximately 1/2” - 1” below the intended root level of the plants. Cover the Aqua Pad with 1/2” - 1” of soil and activate the pad by watering in thoroughly until excess water drains out the bottom of the container. You can then fill the balance of the container with soil as you would normally, and water in your new planting.

Aqua Pad is a non-toxic product and will last the entire season. It’s perfect for any type of container gardening.

Aqua Pad is approximately 6 1/2” x 6 1/2” and is available in a 5 pad package from local garden centers and as specified below.

Retail Sales:
Aqua Pad 5 pad package

  • 1 for $6.50 each plus $3.50 Shipping and Handling
  • 2 or more pay only $5.75 each (plus $3.50 Shipping and Handling)

    Limit 10 packages per order

Please call: (800) 321 - 1079

- OR -

Aqua Pad 5 pad package

  • Available in 25 pack carton
  • Available in 50 pack carton

Also available in custom rolls up to 48" wide

Please call for pricing: (800) 321 - 1079

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