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Based in Cleveland, the National Bias Fabric Company has been family-owned and operated since 1902. Our team takes great pride in providing quality craftsmanship and delivering your product on time.

Cleveland has a rich history in the garment manufacturing industry. In the early 1900’s the garment industry in Cleveland was the second largest industry in Ohio, and only trailed New York and Chicago. Richman Brothers and Joseph & Feiss, both located in the heart of Cleveland, were at one time the largest retail manufacturers in the world – and were also our largest retail partners for many years.

As garment manufacturing changed, so did the nature of our business. We have adapted to meet the needs of growing and changing industries; serving commercial, industrial, and government partners. Our blend of standard and custom equipment allows us to create a variety of products, applied to hundreds of services and uses. We can help you develop your dreams into prototype and guide your start-up into production - small runs to mass production. Learn more about the standard and custom services which National Bias offers.

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National Bias Fabric Company
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