Material Cutting

Bias & Straight Bindings

Our services include raw edge and pre-folded bias, straight or crosscut bindings made from a full range of colors in 96/56 poly cotton. To view colors, click here. NBF carries a variety of athletic colors in durable 200 denier and 400 denier nylon. Acetate taffeta, polyester taffeta, and nylon taffeta are also available in various colors. Bias Woven Nomex® is offered for flame retardant and safety requirements.

Hem Facing

NBF offers acetate taffeta or poly cotton in 1" or 2" with both sides folded, or 2 ½" with one side folded. The hem facing is put on 25-yard spools. There are a variety colors to choose from.

Bias Poly Cotton Fold

Double-fold sizes start at ¼", single-fold sizes start at ⅜". There are over 140 colors to choose from. To view colors, click here.

Bias Cord Edge

Cord edges are available in sizes from ⅜", and our stock cord edge is a poly cotton fabric with either a cotton or polyester filler.


Superior-quality waistband to fit almost any need are available from NBF. Our expert team has years of experience working with uniforms, sportswear, and both men’s and ladies custom tailored clothing.

Bias Lampshade Trim

Trim spools range from 250 - 950 yards, and sizes from ¼" folds with tape backing are offered.

Bias Cut Sleeve Wigan

Wigan offered in both sew-in or fusible qualities. Both styles are available in white, grey and black, and can be cut in any size from 1-½" to 5".

Custom Design Coat Fronts

For over 100 years, NBF has created coat fronts, men’s and women’s tailored clothing and uniforms. Many different styles of fabrics are available in two button, three button, and double breasted designs. Overcoat and topcoat canvas fronts are also available.

Chest Pieces

Fabrics needed to provide top-quality design and function are available at NBF and come in many styles for tailored clothing or uniforms.


We work with tailored clothing and uniform styles in both cotton and synthetic fillers, and are able to sew your sleevehead with hymo.


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