Bias Bindings

Bias Bindings

Our services include raw edge and pre-folded bias made from a full range of colors in 96/56 poly cotton. To view colors, click here.

We also carry a variety of athletic colors in durable 200 denier and 400 denier nylon. Acetate taffeta, polyester taffeta, and nylon taffeta are also available in various colors. Bias Woven Nomex® is offered for flame retardant and safety requirements.

Hem Facing

NBF offers acetate taffeta or poly cotton in 1" or 2" with both sides folded. The hem facing is put on 25-yard spools. There are a variety colors to choose.

Bias Poly Cotton Folds

Pre-folded bias bindings included Center-Folds and Double-Folds.  Sizes range from ¼” folded finish to 1’ folded finish.  We have over 140 colors to choose from. To view colors, click here.

Bias Cut Sleeve Wigan

We stock black, white and gray wigan. Our wigan is available in either fusible (glue on one side that is activated by heat or an iron) or sew-in, and can be cut in any width from 1-½" to 5".

Cross Cut Binding

“Cross cut” or “cross grain” binding is the process of cutting strips of fabric perpendicular (90 degrees) to the grain or selvage edge of your fabric. This creates a binding that has very little stretch, unlike bias binding that has a great deal of stretch.

Bias Cord Edge

Cord edges are available in sizes from ⅜", and our stock cord edge is a poly cotton fabric with either a cotton or polyester filler.

Bias Lampshade Trim

Trim spools range from 250 - 950 yards, and sizes from ¼" – ¾” s-folds with tape backing are offered.

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