Material Cutting

Bias Cutting & Straight Cutting

Bias cutting takes advantage of the weave of the fabric by cutting at a 45 degree angle to the straight length of the grain. When cut in this direction your fabric will have a great deal of stretch and give, and this produces a cut that doesn’t fray easily.

We have years of experience converting fabrics for diverse apparel, fashion, and general industries. Our equipment can cut your material to practically any size required, and can hold a tolerance of +/-1/64”.

Custom Slitting

We provide custom slitting, on rolls up to 100” wide, of all types of industrial fabrics including woven, knit, non-woven, vinyl, composites, laminates, rubber, plastics, and paper. Straight knife or pinked edges are also available.

Fused Edge Slitting

Fused edge slitting, more commonly known as hot cutting, is a precision cutting technique that is offered.  The hot knife machine used in this process is an electrically heated blade that is used for cutting, shaping and sealing synthetic materials. This process creates a seamless edge that is permanently sealed unlike traditional razor cutting or crushing blades. Hot cutting can prevent fraying by fusing most synthetic fibers including nylon, polyester, and polypropylene.

Custom Die Cutting

Die cutting services are available for small parts using your fabric or materials that we are able to source and supply.


Our team of professionals can re-roll woven, knit, and non-woven fabrics to almost any length, and can provide you the material on a 1-1/2” or 3” tube.

material cutting